What is EUE? 

EUE is an End User Event, which means it is organized and run by End Users, not vendors. EUE is not intended to make money and thus run at a low price and can do without the commercial talks. This quote best describes the EUE experience "Don't you wish SIGGRAPH was 250 of your best buddies, held in a pub, and had none of the commercial stuff, but all of the talks? Then you wish you were here!"

What hours do the classes run?

The classes run roughly 10-5 on both Thursday and Friday, with a 1-hour break for lunch at 12. 

How many classes run at a time?

Three to five classes run at a time. You can pick and choose which ones you wish to go to.

I hear a lot about the socializing at EUE. Tell me more. 

One of the best aspects of EUE is that most attendees congregate in the pub after classes finish at 5:00, and they continue discussing all aspects of 3D artistry well into the evening. It's a great opportunity to meet others in the industry and make new friends. Previous EUE attendees often say that this is their favorite part of the event!

Can I come just for the drinking at night, and avoid paying the registration fee?

No. We will kick you out of the pub. Sorry, but those are the rules.

What is included with the registration fee ?

Everything (apart from the hotel)! Your fee covers the classes you like to visit, the coffee, tea, soda's, lunch during the day. It also covers the dinner on Thursday and all drink after the sessions are free !

What language are the classes given in?

All classes are taught in English.

My English isn't very good. Can I still come?

You can attend. We will try to pair you with another attendee who speaks your native language, but we can't promise this. However, 3D artistry has its own language, and you will still learn a lot at classes by watching, asking questions after class, and joining in social activities.

I'm new to 3D modeling. Should I come?

Yes! You will learn a lot about 3D artistry at EUE, and will meet a lot of industry veterans who might become your mentors (or managers) as you proceed with your career. The price is designed to be low enough for new artists who are just starting out. For what you'll learn and who you'll meet, it's a great investment in your future.

Will there be any video recordings made available from EUE sessions ? 

No for two reasons, this tend to lower the quality of the speeches plus EUE is an experience which can only be matched by being there !