And now for something completely different !  Eric de Broche. Founder of Luxigon He has recently started a research group called Le Nirvalab, along with Nicolas Gagnon and Philip Clemens, devoted to experimentation in new approaches (and technologies) in the conception and communication of projects. and like he says ""I will eventually die some day" just hope it's not on 5 or 6 June !

 eric de broche big

The next speaker, Mark Heesterbeek an architect by training but a visualizer by profession, talking on sculpture for the Mudboxers/Zbrushers, but paintings will not be let out. Make notes of all the churches and palaces and know where you need to go next holiday.


The next speaker, Nils Norgren. a founder and principal of Neoscape, Nils has built a company literally from the ground up. From scrounging for work as a three-person company 19 years ago to where they are now with 75 people and still growing. Needless to day that we are more than pleased to have hime as a speaker for this EUE happening !

Nils norgren big

Next EUE speaker: Eddie Perlberg, the Product Manager for 3ds Max. Getting over to Europe to find out what we do down here, so if you have issues, get over to EUE and book a 1 on 1 meeting with him, or join in with his presentation !

 Eddie perlberg big
Martin Coven, Product Designer for 3ds Max, is new to the Autodesk family. Before joining the Max team, he spent 17 years working in film, games and the commercial industry. Don't be shy, book him for a 1 on 1 meeting to get your input in there !  Martin Coven big

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